My jewelry is inspired by the romantic and classic jewelry of Victorian times, with a lot of sparkling crystals and pearls added to the pieces.


I'm designing jewelry that is beadwoven with the smallest seedbeads in different patterns and by using all kinds of beadweaving techniques. These techniques come from all around the world.



Handmade jewelry


I design one-of-a-kind jewelry; pieces that are unique, because there's only one made of it and not suitable for making a pattern of it. These pieces come together while experimenting with several beading techniques and grow into something special. I use these projects as inspiration for creating new patterns.



Beading Patterns



When you like beading yourself, but designing isn't your thing, I have a selection of beading patterns available that can be purchased.

There are patterns for every skill level, all with clear diagrams and written instructions with photo's of the different stages of the piece.

Also included is a materials list and colorcharts of the shown examples.


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Custom orders


It's possible to have your own unique piece of jewelry for a special occasion or to go with a certain outfit. Then you place a custom order and we decide together about the colors and materials that will be used in the design and also about the style.

It's helpful to have a picture of the garment the piece(s) will have to go with.


For more information please contact me.


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